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Carpet and Upholstery

OUR CARPETING SERVICES INCLUDE: CARPET, UPHOLSTERY, AND AREA RUGS. Our cleaning process includes a walk through,  pre-treatment of all areas being cleaned, adding focus on high traffic lanes, pet odors, pet spots and the oops I spilled spots. Understanding your type of carpet allows us to use the right amount of heat to truly steam clean at a psi level that will not drench or soak your carpets. An all fiber rinse is used to balance out the ph levels of your carpet so that your carpets are not left with a sticky residue or a dry soapy feel, in addition we dry stroke to reduce dry time. If there are heavy traffic lanes or areas that need extra attention, we will scrub or use alternate solutions to ensure the best carpet cleaning possible. We service upholstery using a solution that is made especially for that type of fabric, we then brush the fabric and use a low pressure high heat method with extraction to remove all substances transferred onto the couch, chairs or whatever is being cleaned.  All our services include a pre-treatment that is included in the price

High powered true Truckmounted steam cleaning offered by our PROCHEM APEX

SEE BELOW that even carpets that have lost there lust and color can be cleaned, if your thinking of replacing please give us a call and we can come do a free estimate even a test area to see how the carpets respond, might save you thousands of dollars and days of time.

We use aggressive passes with our wand and dry extraction strokes for a deep clean and faster dry time, standard with all cleanings at no extra charge.

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