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Natural Stone cleaning

every stone cleaning comes with a floor scrubbing
All our Stone cleanings come with a thorough clean including machine scrubbing of entire surface.
800 psi at 180 degrees leaves your stone restored
We use around 800 psi at 190 degrees to clean and extract your stone floors.
entry ways are first impressions
Entry ways are the first look at the house and often catch the worst traffic.
Travertine finished
Travertine floor matte finished with a water based penetrating sealer.


Our Natural Stone Cleaning includes :

FULL RESTORATIVE CLEANING Of any stone (Marble, Travertine, slate, limestone, Santil, Pavers and Granite) 

A safe for natural stone, cleaner is sprayed on the surface and a low speed floor scrubber machine is used to scrub the entire surface. Accessing the pores of the stone, we then manually scrub all grout lines. We then use between 800- 1000 psi depending on the stone, completely removing all substances and disinfecting the surface, neutralizing and restoring it to its original condition.

Natural stone maintenance is critical because stone is very porous and expensive to replace. Sand, grit and dirt can easily damage natural stone surfaces. You want to be selective in what and who you use to clean your stone floor. 

All natural stone should be sealed entirely after cleaning to prevent etching as well as damages from spills, in addition it makes maintaining and regular cleaning of the surface a lot easier.