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Tile & Grout cleaning services

Restoring tile is our speciality
heavy grease and years of build up, not a problem


Our process starts with a COMMERCIAL GRADE mix of grout degreaser, surface cleaner and peroxide that is alkaline based, pre sprayed over the entire surface. Grout lines are then scrubbed manually, agitating and breaking down all soil and substances. We then use 200 degree temp. at 900-1000 psi with neutral rinse fully disinfecting the surface and restoring it to its original condition. Reading it for sealing. *In some situations tile will need to be scrubbed with a machine.

We Clean shower enclosures as well. Removing the black mold from the corners, reddish buildup on the base and soap scum from the walls.

We recommend sealing grout lines after cleaning to protect the grout lines.

On the left is a still shot of after and before tile & grout cleaning  the right is a video of the cleaning after the pre-spray and scrubbing has been done.
we restore shower enclosures as well.
Shower enclosures can be a nightmare if not properly and regularly cleaned. lets us come in and restore yours.